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Heathy Teeth, Healthy Life

One of the first things people notice about someone is their teeth. Since you do most of your communication with your mouth, poor oral health is noticeable almost instantly. Unfortunately, employers and every day acquaintances can judge a person by their oral health. It’s no wonder clean, healthy teeth are a desirable trait.

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As a parent, you want your children to have the best opportunities all throughout life. Healthy teeth and oral habits start at home, even before birth. Taking care of teeth from an early age prevents expensive dental work later in life. Read on to learn about how you can help your children (and your whole family) develop and maintain healthy teeth!

During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a happy time in a woman’s life, where they’re already trying to stick to lots of healthy habits. These good habits help make a happier, healthier baby. It’s no secret that it’s important to eat well while pregnant – maintaining a balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients.

So, add lots of dark leafy greens, almonds, salmon, and sweet potatoes to your diet. These are all foods rich in calcium and vitamin D. These extra vitamins help strengthen your baby’s bones, nails, and teeth – even before they’re born!

Infancy & Toddler-Age

After your baby is born, you still need to focus on keeping their teeth healthy. Even though infants’ teeth don’t erupt until months later, they are born with all of the teeth they’re going to have. It’s a good idea to keep your diet as healthy as possible if you’re breast feeding. The vitamins and nutrients you consume are passed to your baby from milk – making good food choices helps create healthier milk for your baby.

Once your baby reaches toddler age, it’s time to be even more serious about their oral health. For example, you should never send your toddler to bed with a bottle of milk or juice. Sugar left on their teeth overnight can lead to weakened teeth and cavities. Also, they should have their first pediatric dentist appointment before they turn one year old. This helps familiarize them with the dentist and address any oral issues early-on.

Growing Up

Enforcing good oral hygiene can be more difficult as your children grow. Most young kids will be too busy playing to understand the importance good oral health. But, you can instill good habits in them early. You should be brushing your child’s teeth until they are coordinated enough to do it themselves. Even then, you want to check their teeth and supervise brushing to ensure they’re not cutting corners.

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Make brushing and flossing a daily routine, before heading to school and going to bed. If children are exposed to brushing their teeth from an early age, it won’t seem like a chore to them. You can even find tooth brushes with fun timers that help kids brush long enough!

For Life

Finally, you’ll have no control over your kid’s oral health habits after their out of the house. Hopefully the habits you instilled in them from a very early age stick. Things like a healthy diet, limiting sugary drinks, and regular visits to the dentist should become second nature for most people if they’re raised doing them. Remember, you’re not only contributing to healthy teeth – you’re contributing to a healthy life!

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