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Make a Few Small Changes for Total Health!

Doesn’t it always seem like there’s not enough time in the day? Between taking care of the kids, working 8 hours, handling the housework, and anything else that comes up on a daily basis, you’re a busy person. You probably don’t even have time to think about cooking a healthier dinner or getting to the gym.

Despite how busy your life may be, making health a part of your daily routine has valuable, long-term benefits. Setting aside a few extra minutes for planning, preparation, and action can be the difference between feeling great each day and letting your wellbeing decline.

Read on to learn about how you can make a few small tweaks to your everyday routine for total health – mentally, emotionally, and physically!


1. Plan a Menu

One of the best things you can do to make heathier choices is to plan a menu for the week! It might seem like a waste of time, but the few minutes you spend planning your weekly meals is well worth it. Take a few minutes out of your evening to sit down with a pen and paper and decide what meals you want to cook for the week. Create a detailed list, organized by meals and their ingredients. Then plan a time to get to the grocery store.

Taking a detailed list with you to the store will help you avoid feeling unprepared. You can commit to buying only the ingredients on your list – steering clear of unhealthy impulse buys. The grocery store can be overwhelming. A good plan will help keep you on track. The best part – it’ll be easier to stick to a budget when you buy only what you need!

2. Simple Substitutions

While you’re planning your weekly menu, make a few easy food swaps. Swapping something like white sugar in a recipe for apple sauce saves calories and the unhealthiness of added sugar. Also, steering clear of packaged snacks for yourself and your kids can help you break the habit of relying on processed foods. Instead, make your own snack packs from dried fruit and nuts.

Also, making some small tweaks to your favorite recipes can make lighter, healthier meals. If you usually pan fry chicken breast, try baking it instead. Replace the bacon in your weekend breakfasts with uncured bacon or turkey bacon – you’ll cut the sodium and avoid unhealthy nitrates and preservatives!

3. Get Moving!

After a full day of work, dinner prep, chores, and anything else you need to take care of at home, the last thing you feel like doing is exercising. It’s so easy to get into the routine of sitting in front of the TV after a long and stressful day. But, just sitting there doesn’t do anything to relieve your stress and energize you for the rest of the week.

Instead of sitting down after dinner, go for a brisk walk around the block. Bring your favorite music and enjoy some alone time. Or, bring your partner with you for some company – use the time to catch up and talk about your week. Moving your muscles for 30 minutes each day will help relieve stress, improve your sleep habits, and contribute to your overall health!

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4. Put Health First

Finally, if you’ve been putting off doctor’s appointments, it’s time to face them head-on. No one loves going for a physical, teeth cleaning, or a visit to the eye doctor. When we don’t want “bad” news, we tend to avoid things. But, if you’re committing to a few healthy changes, there will be no bad news. Committing to your physical, mental, and emotional health leads to a happier life.

Getting the right perception for your glasses, or even Lasik at an eye and laser center are just a few things that contribute to your overall health. Also, getting a clean bill of health from a yearly physical exam can encourage you to start a new workout regimen at the gym! No matter how busy or hectic your life is, there’s always time, even a few minutes each day, to put your health first.

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