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A More Sustainable Day

The average American generates over 4 pounds of trash each day. That means every time you throw away your paper coffee cup or plastic spoon, you are contributing 4 more pounds of trash to landfills around the country. Now imagine the huge volume of waste when every adult in the U.S. generates over 4 pounds of trash each day.

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That’s a lot of trash, right? Waste is a serious problem in America and all over the world. And as pollution grows, our environment continues to suffer. While it may seem impossible to find a way to make a difference, you can. Learn about how you can strive to live a more sustainable life, one day at a time.

BYOC: Bring Your Own Cup

Reducing your footprint starts at home. If your morning routine usually includes a pit stop for coffee, bring your own cup. Investing in a good travel mug mean you won’t have to use a paper coffee cup. By the time you’re done with your coffee, there’s nothing to throw away. The best part - a lot of coffee shops offer a few cents off for bringing your own mug!

Around the Office

Offices produce a huge amount of waste every day. From employee waste to discarded paper, there are lots of ways a company can reduce their output. Place a bin beside the printer and copier to encourage paper recycling. The best thing you can do is avoid printing out excessive papers for meetings. Instead, encourage employees to bring their laptops so you can email them meeting notes.

Finally, try a “dark hour” each day. Offices use so much electricity – just think about how many computers, monitors, and machines are constantly running. Working with the lights off for an hour each day can be a fun and eco-friendly activity. No to mention the money you can save on your electric bill by cutting a few hours of extra light!

For Your Kids

If you have children, you probably don’t think about how many plastic toys they have. Oftentimes, this plastic is not recycled. As the eco-friendly trend continues to gain speed, more toymakers are turning to recycled materials. Buying toys made from phthalate-free PVC is not only a better choice for the environment, but a healthier choice for your children. Look for “phthalate-free” labels on toys, especially softer plastic toys that children are more likely to put in their mouths.

phthalate free pvc

In the Kitchen

You can also bring sustainability into your kitchen! This isn’t just about buying organic produce and responsibly raised meats (two things that also have a positive impact on the environment.) It’s also about finding ways to make less waste. Instead of throwing away veggies scraps, coffee grounds, and egg shells, create a compost bin outside. Your kitchen scraps turn into free organic fertilizer for your garden and flower beds!

Finally, reduce the amount of food you throw away by planning a weekly menu. Cooking one-pot meals or big proteins in a crockpot can help create more manageable leftovers. If you can do more with leftovers, you’ll be less inclined to throw them away or forget them in the back of the fridge!

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